Treatment of metal, ADIVAL ANTIFRICTION, is specially formulated for lubrication systems where maximum protection is required: extreme pressure, wear metalmetal friction and high temperatures. ADIVAL ANTIFRICTION is not a lubricant or an additive, does not alter the technical characteristics of lubricants, lubricant used as a vehicle to access metal parts protecting them for long periods of time ADIVAL ANTIFRICTION not contain any solid particles in its composition, such as: Teflon, molybdenum, graphite, ceramic, silicon, etc.


INCREASE: The engine compression Lubrication The quality of the lubricant The life of engines, bearings and machinery DECREASES: The formation of varnish and sludge The engine temperature Oil consumption The engine friction up to 70% – Internal noises in engines and gears COMPATIBILITY: Applicable to all types of engines, diesel, petrol, gas, etc. Applicable to all types of manual transmissions – Guaranteed for 80,000 km in cars or 2,000 hours. – Compatibility with mineral and synthetic lubricants, greases


Motor vehicle and heavy equipment: trucks, cars, construction equipment, tractors, forklifts, etc. Transmission: Manual Differentials: less wear on the gears All bearings Electric motors: Extending the Life shaft bearing Air compressors and cooling


Dosage and method of use: IN OIL INDUSTRY GEARS AND GENERAL  GREASING of 3% to 5% REDUCERS AND MULTIPLIERS 3% to 5% HYDRAULICS 1% to 2% OIL  COMPRESSORS 3% to 5% IN AUTOMOTIVE OILS * 5-6 ENGINE OIL LT (cars). Add 50 ml per liter. * ENGINES INCREASED CAPACITY (Trucks) Add 30 ml per liter of oil * TRANSMISSION: – Cars: replace 250 ml. of oil – Heavy Goods Vehicle: replace 500 ml. of oil * DIFFERENTIAL AND TRANSMISSION: – Cars: replace 150 ml. of oil – Heavy Goods Vehicle: replace 250 ml. of oil. * Power Steering replaced with 250 ml. fluid. * BEARINGS AND CHAINS TMF dipped in 2000 before applying normal grease. * 2-STROKE ENGINES  add 30 ml. per liter of oil before mixing with the fuel. AFTER ADDING THE PRODUCT, RUN THE ENGINE 5 TO 10 MINUTES !!!. Precautions: This product is not recommended in clutches or discs oil bathed, self-locking and automatic transmissions systems. Presentation: Packages of 250ml, 1l. , 5 l. 25 l. 50 l. and 200l.


Appearance. Liquid
Colour Brown
Look Like oil
Odor Characteristic
Vapor Pressure (20ºC) <0.3 mm Hg
Viscosity (40°C) 220 cSt
Flash point (V/A) > 190ºC
Density 1.14 g/CC
Water solubility Insoluble
Nature Synthetic