Multipurpose additive for automotive (cars, trucks, marine, etc.) that it has been prepared
especially for cleaning and decarbonising all injection systems and diesel combustion
It is manufactured and designed to achieve improved quality and cost savings.
It incorporates in its formulation our exclusive ADIVAL antifriction treatment to compensate for low
lubricating power of diesel.


Effective cleaning of the injection system.
Corrects the emission of CO and unburned HC, reducing all emissions. .
Prevents rust and corrosion in systems combust ible.
Corrects bad pulver ization (obstruction of diffusers)
Ensures accurate valve seat. (Cleaning rod and valve seats)
– Reduce consumption combust ible.
Iguala compression ratio.
Substantially improves cold start
– Increases cetane number of 3-5 points, improving and combust ion engine response
Emulsifies the water generated in the fuel tanks.


PROFESSIONAL CLEANING APPLICATION: For more effective application, used in combination with a specific applicator. Before the application must determine the injection system of the vehicle, and as this is the application form will be different.


Dosage and method of use:
Add to combust ible tank, prefer iblemente little in reserve or combust ible. Do 15 0 20 Km. Before refueling again. Change the fuel filter, be very advisable to add a small amount of ADIVAL INJECTOR CLEANER within the new filter.
CARS: Add 400 ml, and 300 in the reservoir 100 in the new fuel filter.
– HEAVY GOODS VEHICLE: Add 2l. 1.5 l. product in the tank and 500 ml. in the fuel filter.

400ml container, 1l., 25l., 50 l. and 200l.


Appearance. Liquid
Colour Slightly yellow
Odor Characteristic
PH20ºC n.a.
Flash point <=50ºC
Density 20ºC
0,875 +- 0,005gr/cm3
Water solubility Insoluble