Cleaner and activator for preventive particulate filter.


ADIVAL DPF FILTER CLEANER is a cleaning and preventive treatment for regeneration for diese particulate filter (DPF). Reduces the combustion temperature of the soot in the particulate filter. It supports all types of engines and diesel fuels.


– Use our ADIVAL DPF FILTER CLEANER is the most economical way to maintain and clean the particle filter
dieses (DPF)
ADIVAL DPF cleaning filter is recommended in cases of unfavorable driving and distances
short, stop-go systems and diesel vehicles with too many kilometers.
ADIVAL DPF FILTER CLEANER permanently regenerates and completes the diesel particulate filter
removal or uninstall it.
FILTER CLEANER ADIVAL increases the life of DPF particulate filter, preventing its destruction.


Dosage and method of use:
PROFESSIONAL CLEANING APPLICATION: For a more effective implementation directly add 400 ml fuel tank with little or reservation.
APPLICATION OF MAINTENANCE: Add to the fuel tank in the indicated dosage.
CARS: Add 400 ml of product per 80L fuel
HEAVY GOODS VEHICLE: Add between 1L of product per 100L tank of fuel.
RECOMMENDED USE: Every 3 months or 3000 km.

400 ml containers. in boxes of 12 units.


Appearance. Transparent liquid
Colour Slightly blue
Density 20ºC 0,75 +/- 0.01 gr/cm3
PH 1%  ND/NA
Flash point 45ºC