It is an extraordinary sealing treatment sole surface active agent formulation in suspension without altering the color or appearance of antifreeze, they combine to cover small cracks and holes in the cooling system


The cooling protects against losses plugging leaks. Sella both open pores as those about to form, thanks to its content of suspended metal and polymeric substances.
It acts quickly. Not obstruct or cakes. It is compatible with all types of refrigerants. It is not necessary to empty the cooling after use
Prevents the formation of oxide scale and lime
Compatible with all antifreeze monoethylene glycol base, including organic (OAT)
Improves performance of heating and cooling the engine.


For all cooling and heating systems with and without a water filter, it is also suitable for radiators
aluminum and plastic; It is also compatible with all common coolant additives and antifreeze.


Dosage and method of use:
Shake vigorously BEFORE USE. Start the engine and turn on the heat. Add when the engine is hot. Let the engine run for at least 10 minutes, until the thermostat opens. The optimal application occurs when the heater valves are open. Then turn off the engine and replenish coolant if necessary. Compatible with all standard antifreeze and coolants.
A bottle of 400 ml. deposits up to treat 10 liters of coolant in cars, vans, etc.
A package of 1 lt for most systems capabilities, industrial vehicles, trucks, buses, etc.

Containers of 400ml and 1l.


Appearance. Liquid
Colour Slightly yellow
Odor Characteristic
PH20ºC n.a.
Flash point 56ºC
Density  1,00-1.05 g/ml 0.010
Water solubility Soluble