It is a biogenerator INTAKE DIESEL last generation, designed to correct the problems caused by waste (olefins, pomas, water, paraffins) usually caused by bacterial action, oxidation, degradation of the fuel and the major cause of these problems: water . Water for whatever reason, is inside the tanks and is of serious and costly breakdown.
It incorporates in its formulation ADIVAL our exclusive antifriction treatment to compensate for low lubricating power of diesel.


Eliminates smoke produced by poor combustion
Improves combustion
It increases engine response
Reduces cinders injectors, combustion chambers and all intake circuit
Alarga Life of the catalysts
Eliminates all water dramatically deposits


Producto dirigido a: Profesionales de la mecánica, automoción y náutica.
La incorporación de este tratamiento al depósito permite la solubilidad total del agua al combustible formando una solución química, de notables prestaciones, elimina humos producidos por mala combustión, aumenta la respuesta del motor, reduce la carbonilla en todo circuito de admisión, alarga la vida de los catalizadores, de igual eficacia en náutica debido a que solubiliza el agua del mar.


Dosage and method of use:
It reduces levels of HC and CO (carbon hydroxide and carbon monoxide
Mix 1 400ml container with approximately 10 liters of fuel, drive the vehicle between 50 and 70 km. and refuel.
We recommend changing the fuel filter once used this treatment.
Use this ratio for other industrial vehicles

Containers of 400ml and 1l.


Appearance. Liquid with a characteristic odor
PH +-7
Flammability (solid to gas) Flammable
Densidad relativa 0,78 gr./cc
Color Beige