100% synthetic lubricant oil, industrial gear heavy load, with excellent qualities of service, due to the additive package and the base containing synthetic.Which gives good properties and extreme pressure that exceeds 70 Lbs .in the Timken test, you wear as evidenced by the FZG test in which exceeds the stadium 12 high stability to oxidation, rust, corrosion and resistance the foam.

Quality level:

DIN 51517 Parte 3 CLP
David Brown S1.53.101(E)
AGMA 9005-D94


It is recommended for all types of industrial gears. Protects bronze and steel from corrosion and rust as it is not reactive copper and its alloys. It has excellent resistance to breakage of the lubricating film, and also a high load capacity.


characteristics value units method
Density at 15ºC 0,800/0,900 Grs/cc ASTM-D-1298
F.Z.G. 12 mín   DIN-51354
Flash Point at V/A 210 mín. ºC ASTM-D-92
Freezing point <-40 ºC ASTM-D-97
Timkem 70 Lbs PASS   ASTM-D-2782
Viscosity at 40ºC 135/165 cSt. ASTM-D-445