It is a highly refined medicinal white oil, which provides high stability and chemical inertness

Meets the following requirements of the Pharmacopoeia Quality. USP XXIII, DAB 1998, BP 93, CODEX 1998, EUR Ph 1998, RFE I, FUI 9ª, CFR 172.878 F.D.A. (USA) CFR 178.3620(b) (USA).


In the food industry, pharmaceutical etc.


characteristics value units method
Colour Saybolt +30 ASTM-D-156
Density at 15ºC 0,855/0,880 Grs/cc ASTM-D-1298
European Pharmacopoeia Pass pasa  
Flash Point at V/A 220 min ºC ASTM-D-92
Freezing point -6 ºC ASTM-D-97
Viscosity at 40ºC 60/75 cSt. ASTM-D-445